QuickTime - Pasting Graphics and Text into a Movie

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Pasting Graphics and Text into a Movie

With QuickTime Pro, you can paste graphics and text into a QuickTime movie.

If a pasted graphic is larger than the movie’s dimensions, QuickTime Pro resizes the
movie to fit the dimensions of the graphic. For best results, size graphics (using a
graphics program) to match the movie size before you insert them. You can export a
single frame from the movie to use as a guide for text placement. (See “Creating a Still
Image from a Movie” on page 28.)

To find a movie’s dimensions, choose Window > Show Movie Properties, select the
video track, and click Visual Settings.

To add graphics or text:


Copy the text or graphic to the Clipboard.


In QuickTime Player, move the playhead to the point at which you want the copied
item to appear.


Choose Edit > Paste.

This procedure inserts the graphic into the movie at the Paste location, in its own
frame. To paste the graphic onto the frame at the Paste location, choose Edit >”Add to

To make a graphic show up in more than one frame, select the portion of the movie
you want to add it to and choose Edit > “Add to Selection and Scale.” You can use this
technique to add a company logo throughout a movie. (Also see “Changing a Track’s
Transparency” on page 39.)