QuickTime - Presenting Multiple Movies in the Same Window

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Presenting Multiple Movies in the Same Window

With QuickTime Pro, you can place multiple video tracks in the same window to play
movies side by side or to create a picture-in-picture effect.

To present multiple movies in the same window:


In QuickTime Player, choose Edit > Select All to select the entire contents of the first


Choose Edit > Copy, then open the second movie.


Move the playhead to the point at which you want the first movie to begin playing
(usually the beginning or end of the original movie), and choose Edit > “Add to Movie.”


Choose Window > Show Movie Properties, select the new video track, and click Visual


Use the Current Size and Layer controls to set the new video to a desired size and layer
(layers with lower numbers are farther forward, or more “on top”).

For example, for a picture-within-a-picture effect, with the added movie inside the
original movie, make the new movie smaller and assign it a lower layer number.

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Chapter 3

Editing and Authoring with QuickTime Pro