QuickTime - Changing Image (Frame) Size

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Changing Image (Frame) Size

With QuickTime Pro, you can change the size of a movie’s video frame. For example, if
your movie will be viewed on a small screen (such as a mobile device), you can change
the movie’s dimensions to match the target device. You can experiment with making
the frame size smaller for a given data rate to get better encoding results.

To change the size of a movie’s video frame:


Choose File > Export.


Choose a file format from the Export pop-up menu.


Click Options.


In the Video area of the Movie Settings dialog, click Size and then choose an option:

 Use current size: This option (the default) keeps the exported movie’s image size the

same as your original source movie.

 Use custom size: When you choose this option, you can specify (in pixels) a height

and width for the exported movie’s image size. For best results, choose dimensions
smaller than your source movie, and keep the height-to-width ratio the same as the
source (so that objects don’t appear distorted).

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