QuickTime - Customizing Sound Export Settings

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Customizing Sound Export Settings

To customize sound settings for export:


Choose File > Export.


Choose “Movie to QuickTime Movie” from the Export pop-up menu.


Click Options.


In the Sound area of the Movie Settings dialog, click Settings and then choose your

 Format: Choose the compressor (codec) you want to use for compressing sound. For

general use and Internet delivery of music, MPEG-4 Audio (AAC) is recommended.

 Channels: Choose between mono (1 channel) or stereo (2 channels).
 Rate: Digitized sound is made up of sound samples. The more samples per second,

the higher the sound quality. To maintain quality, music requires a higher sampling
rate than spoken voice because music uses a wider range of frequencies. Audio CDs
use a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz.

 Render Settings: Choose the quality of the signal processing that will be used;

higher quality settings take longer to process.

 Other options: To see any additional options specific to your chosen codec, click the

Options button. if it’s available.