QuickTime - Exporting 3G Files

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Exporting 3G Files

QuickTime Player can import and play back files for use on 3G networks—high-speed
mobile networks that enable multimedia to be sent between mobile devices.
QuickTime supports standards for nearly any kind of 3G mobile network.

To import a 3G file, choose File > Open File and then select the file. You can also open a
3G file in QuickTime by dragging it to the QuickTime icon in the Dock or double-
clicking the file (Mac OS X only).

With QuickTime Pro, you can export video, audio, and text to one of the many 3G
formats that QuickTime supports.

To export a file to the 3G format:


Open the movie you want to export in QuickTime Player, then choose File > Export.


Choose “Movie to 3G” from the Export pop-up menu.

To adjust settings such as file format, compression, and distribution restrictions, click
Options. The options you choose depend on the mobile network over which you’ll
deliver the file and the capabilities of the viewer’s phone. The following sections
describe the options in detail.

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Chapter 4

Exporting Files with QuickTime Pro