QuickTime - Exporting Files Using Presets

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Exporting Files Using Presets

QuickTime Pro offers a myriad of settings and options for compressing video and audio
during export. To help simplify the process of compressing and exporting,
QuickTime Pro also offers export presets. Different presets are available for each file

To export a movie using presets:


In QuickTime Player, open the movie you wish to export.


Choose File > Export.


Choose a file format from the Export pop-up menu.


Choose the preset that best meets your needs from the Use pop-up menu.

For example, to export a movie for use with a video-capable iPod, choose “Movie to
iPod.” To export a movie that is optimized for Apple TV, choose “Movie to Apple TV.”


Choose a filename and location, and click Save.

Note: To use the same settings you used during the last export, choose Most Recent
Settings from the Use pop-up menu.