QuickTime - Exporting MPEG-4 Files

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Exporting MPEG-4 Files

MPEG-4 is the latest worldwide industry standard for delivering professional-quality
audio and video over a wide range of bandwidths, from mobile multimedia to high
definition. When you want to create a file that will work with another MPEG-4 device,
use QuickTime Pro to create MPEG-4 content by exporting a movie.

To export a file to the MPEG-4 format:


Open the movie you want to export in QuickTime Player, then choose File > Export.


Choose “Movie to MPEG-4” from the Export pop-up menu.

Note: To create an MPEG-4 movie that is optimized for use with Apple TV or iPod, select
“Movie to Apple TV” or “Movie to iPod” from the Export pop-up menu. All of the MPEG-
4 options will be set to the appropriate values for you.

To adjust settings such as file format, compression, and distribution restrictions, click
Options. The options you choose depend on the network over which you’ll deliver the
file and the viewers’ connection. The following sections describe the options in detail.