QuickTime - Preparing Movies for Internet Delivery

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Preparing Movies for Internet Delivery

With QuickTime Pro, you can create movies so that they can be delivered over the
Internet. You can deliver a movie over the Internet in two ways:
 With HTTP download, the movie is downloaded to the client’s hard disk. Fast Start is

a QuickTime feature that enables users to watch or listen to media as it is being
downloaded (long before the whole movie has been downloaded) from a standard
web server to their hard disks. Fast Start works well for short-form movies where file
size is limited. It ensures high-quality playback regardless of users’ Internet
connection speeds, although those with slower connections will wait longer before
media starts to play.

 Real-time streaming provided by QuickTime Streaming Server (QTSS) delivers media

in real time over the Internet, from modem rates to broadband. No file is ever
downloaded to a viewer’s hard disk. Media is played, but not stored, by the client
software as it is delivered. You would choose real-time streaming rather than Fast
Start for webcasts of live events in real time, delivery of long-form video, 24/7
Internet radio and TV channels, and other cases in which you don’t files stored on a
user’s hard disk. QTSS uses the RTSP protocol.

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Chapter 4

Exporting Files with QuickTime Pro