QuickTime - Preparing a Movie for Fast Start

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Preparing a Movie for Fast Start

With QuickTime Pro, you can set up a movie to start playing from a web server before
the movie has completely downloaded to the user’s hard disk. This is called a “Fast
Start” movie.

Set the Fast Start setting just before you distribute your movie; making other changes
and resaving may undo the Fast Start setting.

If the movie is in the format you want, you can set it up for Fast Start by choosing
File > Save As and then selecting “Save as a self-contained movie.” If the movie is not
in the format you want, you need to encode it first by following the steps below.

To convert a movie and set it up for Fast Start:


In QuickTime Player, choose File > Export.


Choose “Movie to QuickTime Movie” from the Export pop-up menu.


Click Options and select video and sound compression options appropriate for web

For more information, see “Customizing Video Export Settings” on page 43,
“Customizing Sound Export Settings” on page 46, and the tutorials at www.apple.com/


Make sure the “Prepare for Internet Streaming” checkbox is selected and Fast Start
appears in the pop-up menu.