QuickTime - Changing Playback Preferences

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Changing Playback Preferences

You can change playback preferences by choosing QuickTime Player > Preferences. The
available options include:
 Open movies in new players: Select to open movies in a new player window;

deselect to replace the movie in the current player window with the new movie.

 Automatically play movies when opened: Select to make all movies start playing

when they’re opened; deselect to have the movie start when you click the Play

 Use high-quality video settings when available: When this option is selected, video

looks sharper and smoother, but more processor capacity is used.

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Chapter 1

Using QuickTime Player


 Play sound in frontmost player only: Select to play the audio for only one

QuickTime Player window (the active window); deselect to play the sound of all
playing movies simultaneously.

 Play sound when application is in background: Select to play audio even if

QuickTime is not the frontmost application; deselect to mute the audio when
QuickTime is not the active application.

 Show equalizer: Select or deselect to show or hide the equalizer (which shows the

presence of audio) in the QuickTime Player window.

 Show Content Guide automatically: Select to see the latest content listings when

QuickTime Player first opens (unless you open a specific movie file).

 Pause movie before switching users: Select to automatically pause a movie when

you use fast user switching to let another person use your computer.

 Hide selection indicators for empty selection: Select to have the selection

indicators in the timeline removed when no frames are selected.

 Show closed captioning when available: Select to see the closed caption

information, if captions have been provided by the movie’s creators.

With QuickTime Pro, more options are available. For information about them, see
“Getting QuickTime Pro” on page 23.