QuickTime - Opening and Playing Movies in QuickTime Player

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Opening and Playing Movies in QuickTime Player

You can use QuickTime Player to play media stored on your computer’s hard disk, a CD,
a DVD, or the Internet.

To open a movie on your hard disk, a CD, or a DVD, do one of the following:
 In the Finder (or Windows Explorer), double-click the file or drag it to the QuickTime

Player application icon.

 Choose File > Open and select the file.
 Drag the file to the QuickTime Player icon in the Dock (Mac OS X only).

To open a movie on the Internet, open QuickTime Player, choose File > Open URL, and
enter the URL (the Internet address) for the movie file.

When audio is
detected, you’ll
see activity in
the equalizer.




Fast-forward; go to end

Go to



Drag to resize
the window.

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Chapter 1

Using QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player has onscreen controls similar to those found on CD players and DVD
players. Use the controls to play, pause, rewind, fast-forward, jump to the beginning or
end, and adjust the volume of a QuickTime movie. You can also use the controls to
move forward or backward in a movie.

To go to a specific point in the movie, drag the playhead (the small black triangle) in
the timeline. To step through frame-by-frame, first click the small black triangle and
then press the Right or Left Arrow keys on your keyboard.

Some movies have chapter lists you can use to jump to a specific point in a movie. If a
movie has a chapter list, a pop-up menu appears between the timeline and the

You can drag the handle in the lower-right corner of the window to resize the viewing