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New in QuickTime Player


H.264 video support.

This state-of-the-art, standards-based codec delivers

exceptional-quality video at the lowest data rate possible, across data rates ranging
from 3G to HD and beyond.

 Live resize. Playback continues smoothly as you change the size of the QuickTime

Player window. (Some hardware requirements may apply.)

 Zero-configuration streaming. You no longer need to set your Internet connection

speed in QuickTime Preferences. QuickTime automatically determines the best
connection speed for your computer. If a connection is lost during streaming,
QuickTime automatically reconnects to the server.

 Surround sound. QuickTime Player can now play up to 24 channels of audio. With

QuickTime 7, your Mac, and surround speakers, you can enjoy the full effect of your
surround sound movie or game.

 New and improved playback controls. Use the new A/V Controls window to adjust

settings for the best viewing experience. Easily change settings including jog shuttle,
playback speed, bass, treble, and balance.

 All-new content guide. The all-new QuickTime Content Guide provides the latest in

entertainment on the Internet.

 Full screen playback. Get the most out of your display by using every pixel possible.

Thee new modes allow you fit the content to any size screen.

 Additional keyboard shortcuts. QuickTime Player now supports the same transport

control keyboard shortcuts as Final Cut Pro. While viewing a movie, press J, K, or L to
rewind, pause, or resume playback at variable speeds.

 Closed Captioning. An option in QuickTime Player Preferences allows you to display

standard CEA-608 closed captions, when they’re available in your movies.

 Timecode Display. QuickTime Player now allows you to switch between displaying

movie time, timecode, and frame count. You can also jump to a specific timecode or
frame number using the keyboard.

 Spotlight-friendly media. With Mac OS X v10.4 or later, you can use Spotlight to

easily find your QuickTime content. Spotlight can search for movie attributes such as
artist, copyright, codec, and so on.

 Screen reader compatibility. Using VoiceOver, included with Mac OS X v10.4 or later,

visually impaired users can enjoy QuickTime Player features.

 Easy access to QuickTime Pro. When you use the free QuickTime Player, features

available only in QuickTime Pro display “Pro” by their name. If you choose one of
these items, you’ll see a definition of the feature and learn how to purchase
QuickTime Pro. (To purchase QuickTime Pro, you must be connected to the Internet
using the computer on which you want to install the software.)

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