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New in QuickTime Pro

QuickTime 7 Pro users enjoy not only all the great features in QuickTime Player, but also
the following new QuickTime Pro capabilities:
 Floating controls. Full-screen mode now provides floating DVD-like controls for easy

access to functions like pause, play, fast-forward, and rewind. Move your mouse and
the full-screen controller appears on the screen for several seconds.

 Create H.264 video. Use this codec for all your video encoding needs. Create

content ranging in size from HD (high definition) to 3G (for mobile devices), and
everything in between.

 Create surround audio. Create a rich multimedia experience for your customers by

adding multi-channel audio to your movie. If some of your customers don’t have
surround speakers, don’t worry; QuickTime automatically mixes the audio to work
with the speaker setup of each user.

 Improved movie authoring. Editing tasks are much easier with new hot keys for in

and out points. In addition, the Movie Properties interface has been completely
redesigned to facilitate simple and efficient movie authoring.

 New AAC constant-quality mode. Create AAC audio files optimized for constant

quality rather than a constant bit rate for a consistently high-quality listening

 3G streaming. Create 3G files for RTSP streaming that are fully interoperable with

other 3G streaming handsets and delivery architectures.

 Conform to Aperture. View a movie’s aperture mode, and choose to have the movie

conform to new aperture settings, including pixel shape.

 Deinterlace source video. When exporting with the “Movie to QuickTime Movie”

option, you can now deinterlace the video by setting an option in Export Size

 Export to Apple TV and iPod. New presets allow you to easily export your movies in

formats optimized for use with Apple TV and iPod.

 Concurrent exports. Export multiple files simultaneously—and continue with your

next playback or editing task.

New for Mac OS X

In addition to the capabilities above, QuickTime Pro for Mac OS X provides these
 Video recording. With a digital video camera connected to your Mac, you can

quickly create video postcards to share with family and friends.

 Movie sharing. Easily create a movie file for sending via email or posting to a


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 Automator integration. With Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger or later, employ the easy-to-use

interface of Automator for streamlining your QuickTime workflow. QuickTime 7 Pro
users have exclusive access to a set of QuickTime-based Automator actions for easily
automating such tasks as starting and stopping captures, hinting movies, enabling
tracks, and more. With Automator and QuickTime 7 Pro, you can also create your own
personal set of QuickTime-based Automator actions.